AudirvanaPlus Release 2.0.9



スクリーンショット 0027-01-16 10.48.54
スクリーンショット 0027-01-16 10.45.09
スクリーンショット 0027-01-16 10.46.14
スクリーンショット 0027-01-16 10.48.40


Release 2.0.9
SysOptimizer: give explicit error message upon installation failure, especially for permissions issue
Add warning message when asking to move library database to external drive
Mount in background thread the network folders at startup
Compute bitrate for SACD ISO
Update libs: libFLAC to 1.3.1, libOgg to 1.3.2 ,WavPack to 4.70.0
Bug fix:
Fix missing WAV INFO tags leading to empty track title
Fix issues reading DSDIFF tags
Fix rare issue writing DSDIFF tags leading to damaged files
Don’t open library file if it is in Trash
Fix orphan artists not deleted
Fix allowing to delete synched folders on not connected devices
Fix for removing artist, album,… of tracks that have been edited outside and whose artist, album,… has been removed
Remove duplicate COMMENT tag in FLAC files when modifying the comment tag